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  • 22 September 2023
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Why have the prices for a global pass gone up so much since February?


Best answer by thibcabe 23 September 2023, 00:27

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4 replies

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The last increase was in January. Could you please tell us which price you saw before and now (and for how many days) ?

The website first shows youth prices and you need to change to adult offers (which are more expensive). Maybe that's what happened ?

In any case the Eurail Global Pass is generally a good deal. If you'd like advice about your trip don't hesitate to ask further questions mentioning route and travel date. For example there are tricks to avoid fees when booking seat reservations. :)


I believe that is what happened. Also, I engender now that I bought mine at the 10% discount. Do you happen to know when they will be have a 10% or 50% discount again?

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I can't say for sure but there should be a 20% discount around Black Friday and 10% in January (before the yearly increase so it's a sonewhat bigger discount).

The 50% discount is unlikely to come back anytime soon, the 50 years cannot be celebrated every year haha :)


20% would be nice! 8))