Days in homecountry - Does one day mean one calendar day or 24 hours since beginning of travel

  • 13 July 2022
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Hello, I bought interrail global pass and I want to depart from Valencia, Spain. My train departs from Valencia the 31st of july at 16:38, but I have to wait one day in Barcelona, so the next morning I leave Barcelona on my way to Geneve. I read that you can’t travel more than one day in your country in order to leave it, so my question is if “one day” means one calendar day or means  24 hours since the beggining of my travel.


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2 replies

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A travel day is from 00.00 to 23.59 CET, so one calendar day in CET-time.

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OR-very clear: you have to get OUT of ESpanan same day-or, if not possible-cut the cost and use Cat. Expresso desde Bcn por Frontiera=Cerbere, Rodalies fare, so not overly expensive.

OR book a bus-flix or blabla-to Perpignan