DiscoverEU; Turning an individual into a group pass. How?

  • 23 June 2022
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Hi, I got an interrail pass with discoverEU, I applied for myself only, but it turns out that I am going to travel with someone. I saw on the DiscoverEU help website that it is possible to change from an individual to a group pass. I was relieved however I feel like I might have understood it wrong. Is that something I can do, and if yes how do I proceed ? Thanks in advance, help would be much appreciated. :)



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2 replies

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You need to check this with Discover EU.


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I think this only mans that several passes can be loaded on 1 fone-and that thus only 1 time is enough to load trips etc. It does NOT mean you get another free pass or any other benefit in not having to pay. It makes it also a little bit easier in some situations to make REServ to ´sit together´ as apparently this seems an awful threat to some. After all you did not go to travel to meet others-only stay with your known group. But OTOH this is understandable for juniors of 18 (n this programme) who may even have never gone over the border alone.

However-if your friend has already a pass, this is loaded on her/his fone and this can only be transferred by customer service-for obvious anti-fraud measures.