Entire 7-leg trip disappeared from rail planner app iphone 11

I will be starting on a 7-leg trip from Oslo to London by train. I used the mobile Eurail Pass to save details of all legs of this journey and checked that a QR code had been generated for each (iphone 11 IoS 15.4.1, Railway Planner app version 23.11). Today everything has disappeared! 

I do see that some members have experienced a similar problem - I don’t want to have to enter ALL the details again… there a way out?






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Don’t enter all trains in advance, as your travel plans can change along the way. I just enter the journeys when I board the train.

My previous journeys also disappeared after installing the new version.

If you’d like to track your journey, to see a beautiful map of it, you could use the Polarsteps app. 😊


Many thanks for your helpful reply - my last leg is a confirmed one (Eurostar to London from Brussels), so there’s little leeway as I make my journey down from Oslo.

I do see what you’re saying: maybe I should try entering two journeys at a time just so broken/weak internet connectivity and so on….don’t botch the schedule.


An update: I received a response from Eurail about the problem. I heard from them in a couple of days, but also in that interval, all my entries reappeared without any changes: whatever glitch it was got sorted.

I think the lesson I learnt from this little scare was to begin early, keep checking and raise a question when something appears off!



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Did you by any chance add any manual trips? Because that still seems to trigger a problem with disappearing journeys in the iPhone app.

No, I picked all off the planner’s lists. I did enter seven legs though, and maybe that was too much at one go??!😀 Anyway, I’m really glad it’s sorted and I write this from the train, thoroughly enjoying the journey, the sights, and ease of travel……!