Eurail Tickets to add all in one mobile as a family to travel all in the same destination.

  • 25 September 2023
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Hello Goodday.

I just bought 4 tickets for my Eurail for 15 days.

May I know ,how do I add all the 4 names together and add their details inside the rail planner app, which I’ve already downloaded. 
I’ve created mine and add my first journey but have not activate yet . As my travel date will be in late November. Please advice . Thank you . 


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You need to add each pass separately in the name of the passenger. Each pass has its own TRIP and has to be manipulated accordingly. When you use the rail planner element of the app it will allow you add a journey to some or all Trips, but if you add them manually you have to do it to each pass. 

When travelling you have to treat each pass individually, activating trains from EACH trip and showing your travel day QR code from each pass with the train listed in each pass.


Thank you Yorkie, for your reply .