First class or Second class pass?

  • 12 October 2021
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I’m looking into booking my interrail pass for next year and as I’ve never done it before I’m not sure wether to buy a first or second class pass. Are their any major differences between the two and is paying the extra money for first class worth it?

1 reply

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It depends which Countries you visit and which trains you take.

From a included complimentary Drink and Meal in for example UK to just more legroom in a Regionaltrain in Germany :D

In few countries you get “Lounge Access” with the 1st Class Pass but don´t compare them with Airport Lounges :D

Usually in 2nd Class you have 2+2 Seating and in 1st Class a 1+2 seating.

Countries where the 1st Class Pass worths the money in my experience is UK,Sweden,Austria,Switzerland, Germany (due the panoramic 1st Class coach on the EC8,EC9 in the Rhine Valley :D )