Global Pass: Inbound/Outbound Journeym- extra travel days?

  • 19 July 2022
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Hello fellow travelers, 

I have a one month Global Pass with 4 travel days. I'm currently in France and will go back from there to my home town of Vienna. The Global Pass was activated in Copenhagen because I bought it when I was there, don't know how much this circumstance plays any role though.

My question regarding the outbound/inbound Journey: so far I have used two of my four travel days. For my departure back home I already have a reservation from Toulouse to Paris, from Paris to Strasbourg and from there to Vienna, all on the same day, Friday 29th of July.

The night train from Strasbourg leaves before 12pm. If I use the rest of my two regular travel days now, can I use the inbound Journey day on the 29th? Since the trains are all on the same day and the night train leaves before 12pm I thought it should be fine but was hoping for the collective knowledge to be sure.

Thank you very much. 


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There are no extra travel days for the outbound/inbound travel days.

You can travel in your country of residence on a maximum of two of your traveldays.

This means that you need one travel day for the 29th of July. As your night train arrives on the 30th of July that date has to be within the validity of the pass, but not a travel day.