Global pass or One Country pass?

  • 14 February 2022
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Hi everyone,

I would like to know which is the difference between these two passes?

I am planning to travel through Norway but my journey starts in Denmark since I live there. Is it worthy to take a global pass in order to use it to travel from Denmark to Norway? Would this have any inconvenience after in Norway?


I mean, does the Norway Country pass have any benefits in comparison with the Global pass?


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3 replies

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One Countrypasses and Globalpass have usually the same benefits.

Back in the days (i can´t find any actual informations)
It was possible to use a Norway OneCountrypass already from Gothenburg & Stockholm on the direct train. Worked the sameway for the Sweden OneCountrypass that was valid from Oslo on the direct trains to Stockholm & Gothenburg.

Usually a one countrypass is only valid in the Country it´s issued for and you have to pay for the journey to get there. Question is which routes you wanna explore in Norway? as it´s maybe cheaper to book advance fares :)

Hi seewulf,

Thank you very much for your reply. But I still have a doubt.

Which are the benefits of buying a One Country Pass? Does it include something that the Global Pass doesnt?


Thank you,

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Its CHEAPer, as it covers a smaller area. But the prices vary a lot-there are some very cheap countries indeed (like f.e.. Latvia or Estonia), but NO is already quite expensive.

In fact there was someone recently here who compared prices for Global and 1country - GB=UK and for longer time the global pass was cheaper. 

On a pass you have much more flexibilty, compared to advance lower fares. In NO there are also age-discounts, check entur or for more details. The math you have to do yourself what works out as best buy in total.

If you start from JYlland and take any ferry across Kattegat, then  of course you do not need more trains. But if you live in south Fyn/Falster and have no ticket for DSB, then the global pass also covers the trip on DSB to Bro/Tunneln and across Sverige on SJ plus the whole of EUR, incl. NOrge, so it may be best option.