Help please! I depart in two days. The activated mobile pass doesn't appear in the app.

  • 8 November 2021
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I have an issue with the app. I purchased a mobile pass a week ago and did all the required steps for activate it. But, once activated, in the section “my pass” it doesn’t appear, only the image stating that I should add a mobile pass to get started. If I try to add it again, it says that that mobile pass is already activated in my phone, so it is a loop and I am stuck in it.

I start my trip in two days, so I am in a hurry to find a solution to this problem. Any suggestions?


Thank you very much,



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Open a case here. as only the Customer Service can help. Then provide @Nanja  with your email adress so she can flag your Service request for the Service Department.

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Indeed, like Seewulf says, please reach out to Customer Support directly as they are the ones who can un-register your Pass from your device so that you can add your Pass again. 

Thank you very much for your answers. Actually I submitted a request on monday last week, but no answer yet, and I am leaving on Wednesday… I hope they will provide me a solution today or tomorrow.

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Hi Pablo, one of our Customer Support agents came back to your message with instructions yesterday. Your Pass had to be unregistered from your device. You should now be be able to connect the Pass to your device.