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  • 29 July 2022
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Hello everybody 


I just found out that I'm not able to use the Global pass and I'm asking for a refund, but I contacted the costumer service several times and I didn't get any answer.  I'm wondering if there is another way? Is the costumer service the only solution? If so I'm a bit deluded by the service provided. I have a Global + and it shouldn't be a problem.  So I'm wondering why it takes so long to have a confirmation   . I tried by the app and by costumer service but no reply yet. I'm a bit annoyed to be honest 


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7 replies

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First you need to check that the conditions for your pass allow a refund. The conditions are in your confirmation email and on the invoice that you can find in the order overview in your Interrail account.

Here you can read more about the refund.


Thank you for the reply!  I am entitled to a refund of 401 €  and I sent already my application 2 times!!  Maybe they need more time to answer??

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Did you request the refund through your Interrail account? In that case you just need to be patient to get your refund.

Customer Support is overloaded with requests and they give priority to people who currently are travelling or will be travelling soon.

I'm still waiting . They didn't even answer I can't deny I'm not happy with their service. I thought interrail was more organised and competent but they are not able to reply to an email within 2 weeks. 

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They will not reply ANY mail via the non-presorted way.

As everywhere in transport:  understaffed and overworked. As a Brit you may be glad they do not hold up more by doing strikes.

They have a big problem nobody can deny ,  the service is not what you expect from  interrail.  I have different friends who did the interrail many years ago e they were all happy ... I don't know if it's the same service 

Looking at the reviews online there's plenty of horrible comments.  Of course my way is a presorted way  

Im not looking for answers anymore I'm just saying I'm disappointed with app in general and with costumer service

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Hello, I am sorry that our team has been unable to help you yet. There's currently a massive staff shortage in the Netherlands and in addition, we've received an unprecedented number of questions and requests from our travelers this summer. We are working hard to help everyone as soon as possible. You should be able to request a refund yourself via your account. If you can't, it might indicate that either: 

  • your pass is not eligible for a refund (this is the case for recently purchased promotional passes, terms and conditions should be available on your receipt).
  • Your pass has already been activated and is therefore no longer eligible for a refund as per our policy.
  • Your pass has planned travel days in the future that you've not de-activated yet. Please cancel the planned travel days and de-activate the pass. You can only cancel a planned travel day up until 23:59 before the day is due to start. 

If you're quite certain that none of these apply, then I hope we may ask for your patience for just a little longer and we'll help you asap :)