How to use Mobile global pass correctly?

  • 18 July 2021
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I have boarded three trains so far travelling in France, all SNCF (TER) trains said not to require reservations in the Rail Planner app. Only 1, from Paris to Dijon, has accepted the pass. The other two, when the conductors scanned it, showed me that the ticket returned NULL when scanned, and I had to pay 60 and 90 euros to stay on the train! In every case, the planned "Journey" was added to my pass before they scanned the QR code.

What's happening here? I paid 200 euros for this pass now I have to go around Europe paying out each of the rail companies when the pass comes through null!? What is being done wrong!? Do I have to stop at the ticket booth and show THEM the code, then they give me the ticket? Am I missing a step here? I've never used an eu rail pass before, and it's my first time travelling in Europe. Please help!


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Thats a problem with the validation of your trips :/ this happend already few times but was everytime managed without paying extra as you have a valid ticket your Eurail pass :/


Please use the forms and write there the problems :/ Eurail have to find a solution :/

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Hi Evan, I am sorry to hear about your experience on the trains in France. You will need to contact our Customer Support team directly as they can look into your case and assist you. 

We are working on the issues, but all feedback is much appreciated so that we can work on improvements. 

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Yes, do claim back everything you paid extra and request that your mobile pass works correctly. It sounds like you did everything correctly so technical problems shouldn't be at your cost.