i can't connect new trip to a mobile pass

  • 4 January 2023
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I’ve bought a Global Flexi pass (4 days) and prepared a trip only for two days. Then I connected my pass to this trip and activated it on the day of travel. Everything went well. Now I want to continue with my travels, by adding a travel day. The problem I have is that when I create a journey I can't connect it to my mobile pass. Only paper pass option is offered. I do not know where the problem is. The only thing that comes to my mind is that I should have all four days planed before I activated my pass. Hope that is not the case otherwise interrail looses all the beauty and spontaneousness of traveling.

Can somebody please help me. I wanna be able to continue my travel.

Thanks, Biba. 



2 replies

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If I understand it correctly the issue is you're trying to create a new trip, instead of adding a new journey to the trip which is already connected to your pass.

Every pass can only be connected to a single trip: a trip is valid for as long as your pass is valid (1-3 months). Instead, go to the trip you created for the first journey and tick on the + sign in the bottom right corner and then on "add a journey". You can also do this from the planner. From within the trip you can activate further travel days.

Thank you so much. I think that was the case. All the best in 23.