I did not get a pass number - section is blank

I paid for my pass that was on the sale, I got a confirmation email and then in the next one I didn’t get a pass number the section was blank. And the Monet isn’t in my account so I have paid. I have emailed support. But I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on. :)


Best answer by Claudi. 9 August 2022, 09:40

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Same. Did you get their response?

No :( I’m still waiting. 

Did you buy from the UK website and chose the ‘guest checkout’? I’m trying to figure out the root cause. Because everyone around me bought at the same time and theirs work fine.

I did guest checkout I think and I bought it from UK site yeah. I’m so confused!

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I've seen more complaints about this. Customer support will get back to you eventually but it can take a while because they're very busy. If you need your pass within a month or so, do tell customer support, so they can prioritise correctly.

Ahh okay thank you!

I’ve got my pass number now. I got an email from interrail with everything filled in. 

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Hello, I am sorry that the passes did not reach you in good order. There might have been an issuing error due to the high demand during the promotion. It might be useful to point out that for all administrative matters related to your pass, you should always reach out to the original sales channel. In this case that would be Our team has limited insight and access to the passes purchased from other sales channel and will be unable to take action when needed.