I lost a travel day of my four day global pass can i refund this??

  • 20 April 2022
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Hi all,

Yesterday I booked my four day in a month interrail pass and was super exited to travel. I use the online pass for the first time and facing now already disappointment. Today I booked my first train reservation for tomorrow from my home country to the UK. I wanted to add this travel day in the App and discovered that already one travel day is taken!! I feel quite said because i have low budget and now one travel day is gone :( I read that this is because i filled yesterday in a hurry the starting date of the pass in for today which mean that today is my first travel day however still sitting on my couch… And you cannot change it on the day itself so the FAQ says… and i am really not a post something in a community person but the do not have any support! Very disappointed in interrail at the moment and very disappointing start of my trip tomorrow..


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There would have been a warning when you chose your start date, to warn you that you can only undo an activation or cancel a travel day before it starts.

All you can do now is contact customer service. Do mention when your first travel day is, since that is an important factor in determining urgency.

The best is never to activate a travel day unless you're absolutely sure of the date.

Hi Rvdborgt,


Thank you for your comment!

When i add a journey I see the button to activate the journey. However i don't remember at all i  got a warning with activating my pass and the first date of my travel. I am quite sure that i didn't activate a journey so far..


I contact the customer service and hopefully they will be helpfull