Inbound/Outbound confusion

  • 25 May 2022
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I’ve got a journey planned soon and I’m still scratching my head about how the inbound/outbound section works. I live in England and will be travelling to London to catch the euro. I need to swap stations in London. Is it ok to have both trains listed on my app (Hometown-Euston & St Pancras-Paris) or am I best using the planner to find the route that goes from Hometown to Paris, showing a change?

Also, on the return journey we are having to stay a night in London due to missing the last train to my hometown. Am I right in saying I won’t be able to use my pass the following day as I’ve already used the inbound ticket to get to London?

Hope all that makes sense 


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On a travel day, you can use as many trains as you like. This includes the days that you use your inbound or outbound journey. All the trains you use need to be added to My trip and (shortly before you board) to My Pass.

On the return journey, you will need to buy a normal ticket for either the Eurostar or the journey from London to your destination. Just check whichever is cheapest, taking into account you will need a 30€ reservation for Eurostar when using your pass.