Interrail bracelets

Hello, I have never done an Interrail and have heared about bracelets. Can somebody explain me, what these are for? Also I wanted to know what the travel diary is. Is that compulsary?

Thank you very much! 

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Yes, TD certainly is. In the old paper passes it was simply a form in which you must write all trips made-from where to, date, time etc. In the new style mobile app you have to register that. There are special fields (for IR) for the 2 trips in your home-country. You can get fined or treated as ´blackrider´ if you do not do that (officially before boarding). And as there has been an awful lot of fraud by youngsters thinking to be clever, in some countries they take this utmost seriously.

The bracelt most likely is what it says-a kind of free giveaway gimmick when you buy a pass as promotion-or passed out at travelfairs etc in the long past. OR I think tehre once was a kind of trial to present passes in that way or so-long gone.

Ok, thank you very much