Interrail or Eurail for UK citizens/residents

  • 2 March 2023
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I married a Romanian woman two years ago, and we live in Edinburgh. Unlike the English, Scotland voted against Brexit. Now we would like to visit several cities in the EU and are uncertain about the rules. As a Romanian national, my wife is free to travel using Interrail. I am not. It seems I have to use EU rail.

My questions are: Can we take the same train together, given that we are a couple resident in the UK.? Or do the rules require we both travel by the non-EU members’ mode of travel, using Eurail? We would appreciate any advice we can get to clarify our situation.

I am 67 years old. My partner is 58.

Can you help?

Jack Fuller

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(Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)



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just the country of residence does count. Eurail is for non Europeans. You are still living in Europe. The Eurail pass has nothing to do with the European Union (EU).

You both need an Interrail pass. So there's no problem at all.

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As above you both need the Interrail pass and your country of residence is all that matters. This only matters because you can only use you pass in your country of residence (COR) on a maximum of 2 travel days of your pass, irrespective of how long your pass is valid for.

Obviously there will be the usual cross border and EU schengen rules as for any other mode of travel and these will be based on individual passports. But there is no problem with Interrail travel if your wife has a UK driving Licence or other evidence of her UK address.

You can travel on as many trains as you like in a travel day which is from 0000 to 2359 Central European Time (UK is 2300 to 2259 UK time). As long as the train is scheduled to leave before 2359 you do not need a second day, even if you don’t leave on time.

You may need reservations for some trains and there is plenty of guidance in the community.