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  • 24 January 2022
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Good afternoon. Today i’m planning my summer trip with some friends, using our interrail pass, and we have a big doubt about something we are thinking to do. The question is pretty simple. If we take a train before the day ends, let’s say, at 23 hours, and we arrive into our destination at 6 hours of the next day, to say an example, will we be wasting two days of the pass? Or on the other side it’s only taken into account the date in which you take the train at first. Thank you very much.


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3 replies

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That's 1 travel day, as long as you don't change trains after midnight. Also see:

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For example if you take the Intercity Notte from Milano (at about 20:10 or 8 pm) to Sicily, you get to the last station in Palermo at 16:56 (4 minutes before 5 pm). This counts as 1 travel day, of the day you entered the train. 

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@Angelo  or Eurnight 346 Dacia from Vienna (19.42) with arrival at 2pm next day in Bucharest