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  • 26 May 2023
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I am a Philippine citizen but working in Spain with an NIE # and thus a resident registered in Malaga uas Alta Cualificada until October 2024.

My partner and six year old daughter who are also Philippine residents are currently visiting me in Spain under tourist visas.

Since we want to travel around Europe via train, can we get three Eurail passes, or should I -- as a Spain resident -- have to get an Interrail pass while my partner and daughter get the Eurail Pass?


Additional info:

As I have a conference in Amsterdam, I am flying from Malaga to Amsterdam and so will my family. From Amsterdam, our plan is to use Eurail pass to travel to France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy before going back to Spain (either Seville or Madrid), all on train.



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As all 3 of you have Philippine citizenship,  no one will question anything if you all travel with Eurail passes. With Eurail passes, you can travel unlimited in Spain, whereas with an Interrail pass, you only have a maximum of 2 travel days in Spain. 

Thank you for the clarification @AnnaB much appreciated!