Is it possible to set and change destination and times during my travel day (assuming my intended trains don't need reservations of course)?

  • 4 January 2022
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I have a question concerning the e-ticket of a mobile pass, for a continuous Global Pass.

I was wondering, how spontaneously can I decide on a destination and time, is it possible to set and change these even during my travel day? Assuming my intended trains don't need reservations of course.

So, for example if I travel within Germany and on a given day I want to go Hamburg — Berlin, and I know that on the same day I also want to go from Berlin to Hannover, but I don't know when beforehand. So, can I freely decide on the exact train just shortly before its departure and edit my trip and ticket during the day? Or does everything have to be set in advance the day before?

I hope I'm not double asking this question. But as the FAQ said "Remember, each travel day has a separate ticket, so if you’re continuing your journey the following day, you’ll show a different ticket." I was wondering if it was possible to make changes during the day.

Thank you!


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Yes, untill even when you sit in the train, I know from my own experience that delays on DB are so common that one has to change travelplans on the platform or even when there is again some disturbance on the way. This is thus quite different from how usually online tickets loaded on a fone work.

Note that IF you are german, the golbal pass only allows 1 trip OUT and later 1 IN in your homecountry.

The system is quite the same as on a paper pass, which is also still for sale, f.e. at any DB-station anywhere in Germany where they sell tickets.

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You can delete journeys from your mobile pass and add new ones during the day while travelling. Or even for trains in the past. I've done that quite often.

With the paper pass, you just fill out a new line; I often only do that after boarding the train.

Thank you both very much for your answers! That's really helpful! Looking forward to my Interrail experience now!