Last Inbound is splited into 2 days

  • 17 March 2022
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I would like to use my last inbound trip to Germany. The only train I can take is a night train and I have to change trains in Germany the next morning - so I need two days of travel. 
But I can't get a ticket for the second day because my last trip to Germany is used up.
But I absolutely have to take this train. What should I do?


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5 replies

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Which exact night train are you taking? When does it pass the border into Germany?

This may be the known bug that when taking a night on the inbound journey, the app sometimes tries to use 2 inbound/outbound journeys. There is a workaround to split the journey; if you let us know which night train it is, then people can suggest how to split.

Thank you for the reply!

The train leaves Venice at 10pm and arrives in Munich at 6.29am. I'll cross the border into Germany at around 4.30am.
From there I have to change to the 6.56 train to Erfurt. I will be at my destination at 9.26 am.

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Then split your journey at Salzburg Hbf, which is the tariff border point between ÖBB and DB. You'll still need 2 travel days of course but the inbound journey then be linked to the second travel day and only one will be needed.

I have done so, but I can now no longer cancel the outbound for today and therefore still do not have a valid ticket for tomorrow. :neutral_face:

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Indeed, you cannot cancel a travel day or outbound that has already started. Please contact customer service; they can do that.