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For the train from London do you have to book a train through the Eurostar site and then separately pay for a seat through the eurail app?  I am going to Brussels and am confused.  It seems for the other countries in my trip that maybe I can just buy a 3 day pass to cover my trips from Brussels to cologne,  cologne to frankfurt, and frankfurt to Paris.  But can I just add a 4th day for my London to Brussels train and then just pay for seat reservation and I am set or do I need to pay separately on Eurostars site for train pass (which is ver expensive compared to just adding a 4th day to my eurail pass) and then pay on the eurial app for the seat reservation.


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Eurostar needs a 30€ seat reservation + a valid pass day. There is a limited number of seats available per train though (quota). It can sell out weeks in advance. Check availability here :

- b-europe 4€ booking fee per order

- 2€ booking fee per person per train

Brussels - Cologne : do not take the Thalys train (quota, 27€). Instead use the ICE with optional reservations (but recommended on this line).

Optional seat reservations in Germany (and many other countries) :

- 3€ per train on (free with a 1st class pass)

- 4.50€ per journey on

Frankfurt - Paris : 17€ seat reservation for the direct train (+2€ fee on

Let us know for questions

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There is no 3-day Eurail Global Pass. The minimum is 4 days.

So is there a way for me to just book a seat reservation through eurostar?  It seems like I will have to pay $50 per day for train passes through the eurail pass (for a 4 day pass so about $200 total) and then on top of that money then I need to also go to the Eurostar site and book a seat reservation somewhere for the london to brussels train?  I see on the Eurostar website that I can get a ‘standard’ pass through Eurostar for $274.  If I book that is that all I need and that includes a seat reservation and everything or do I still need to pay separately for a seat reservation or other things.  Or is there a way to do it cheaper where I can use my $50 day pass from Eurail for this train and then just pay a cheaper amount for a seat reservation on the Eurostar site or something?

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You can buy the 30€ seat reservation online but not through Either on when you've bought a pass (2€ booking fee) or on b-europe link above (4€ booking fee per order). You don't need a pass to check availability on b-europe

What is your travel date ? Let us know and we'll have a look. As Eurostar has a quota in place, please double-check. 274 USD (regular ticket) surely means that only a few seats are left (and thus no quota for Interrail/Eurail passholders).

For Brussels - Cologne - Frankfurt seat reservations are easy.

For Frankfurt - Paris 17€ seat reservation through No quota but these trains can sell out a few days in advance. What is your travel date ?

Eurostar is the most important part (as you could see).

I need to get from London to Brussels in the afternoon on may 30th.

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No Eurostar trains have remaining passholder seats that day I'm afraid. As said the quota can sell out weeks in advance, esp. between holiday weekends like right now.

First availability : Wednesday 31st morning.

If you need to travel on 30th May :

- Flixbus London - Bruges 10:30 - 18:50 45€ (takes the ferry) and then one of many trains to Brussels

- bite the bullet and pay 236€ (regular ticket) for the last seats on a Eurostar train. Most trains are sold out.

In any case book ASAP. The Channel is a big bottleneck and Brexit doesn't help...

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