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  • 11 December 2022
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Can I add a leg to a manually added trip? If so, how can i do it and does it work if i just activate it from my destination to the end destination or do I have to have a qr code for every connection 


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In a fair nr of cases one HAS to use the manual method, when these stops are not stored in the system-applies more to some countries as others.

Yes, the basic principle is that EVERY train used-from A to B-should be stored per sector-as was also the case for the old-style paper passes, of which they are just a new-style copycat. On SOME lines/some countries more as 1 comp runs trains-and the theory is that in the end all that have taken pax on passes get their share-as this does not coincide with where passes are sold.

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I guess that you mean manually added journey and not manually added trip. You can only have one Trip connected to your pass. To this trip you connect all your journeys. .

If you travel in countries where the train companies report their timetables to Eurail there should normally not be a need to manually enter journeys if you wait with adding the journey until just before boarding the train.

What route, date and time have you entered manually?