Missed out on promo pass and I am quite annoyed

  • 28 November 2023
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Hello, I purchased a 15 days in 2 months pass on November 12th, 2023, paying the full price of 518 Euros. I used it on the 12th and then not again until a week later.
Three days later the same pass went on sale with a 25% discount, 389 Euros. At that point, having used one day of travel, I could no longer cancel the pass or claim anything.
To say that I am annoyed doesn’t begin to describe what I am thinking. I feel that I have been completely deceived. A sale of these proportions should be announced quite a bit in advance. Doing it this way is discriminatory, and against all rules of common sense.
Very disappointed at how Interrail handles all this.


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3 replies

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The standard response here is that prices change, and promotions come and go.

You bought a pass at a price at which you were (presumably?) happy. 

When prices go up, people rarely come back and demand to pay the extra!


This is not price fluctuation. Promotions are strictly regulated by the EU and this case is clashing with EU directives.

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Which EU directive do you think Eurail have breached?

You bought and used a full price pass on 12 November. The Black Friday discount began on 16 November.

You can’t refund a pass which is already used.