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  • 29 June 2022
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My phone sometimes does not work properly when it is warm outside. This summer, we are interrailing and temperatures may be high. I want to avoid being in a train and not being able to show my mobile pass. Is there a workaround for this? Can I for example look at it on the internet, or can I share a screenshot with my friends who travel with me? Hope you can help me!


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Screenshots are offical not allowed :/  (get a Phone that work :/ or use a Paperpass) 

Passes are bounded to one device There is no Option to view it online. (Otherwise several travelers could travel with one pass on the same time as the conductors doesnt check the ID regulary :/ ) 

For others; I also contacted customer service who basically told me the same as seewolf already said. Although they do not say that showing a screenshot does not work….. But of course not smart if not allowed. I ended up putting my pass on a friends phone, which is possible if you have not yet activitated your pass yet. This solves the problem for me. 

I do however have the feeling that 50% of questions in this community are due to the strict coupling of a travel pass to a phone. So people at interrail, please take notes ;)