My outbound journey is overnight and I will be changing trains in my home country past midnight, what should I do?

  • 15 March 2022
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So I will be travelling from Hamburg (Germany) to Madrid (Spain) via Strasbourg (France).

My Train departs in Hamburg (Germany) in the evening of my first travel day (outbound) and arrives in Offenburg (Germany) in the morning. In order to get to Strasbourg (France), I will have to take a local train from Offenburg (Germany) to Strasbourg (France), which only takes about 30 Minutes. But because I will be changing trains past midnight in Offenburg, which is still in my home country, the Interrail-App counts it as a second inbound-outbound day, although it is only one journey. 

Is there a way to avoid this problem?

I don’t have the possibility to take an other train or use a different route.


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The app applies the rule correctly. It's a second travel day in your country of residence.

A way around this is to buy a normal ticket from Offenburg to Kehl Grenze (from a German ticket office) and enter Kehl Grenze to Strasbourg in the app manually. The ticket from Offenburg to Kehl Grenze should be € 7.30 (full fare; BahnCard discount is possible if you have one).

That way, you still have one inbound/outbound journey left that you can use in Germany.

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Buy locally from machine a normal ticket from Ortenau-linie Verbund-this is much cheaper. Can do to Strbg!
Biste geizgeil: check times to Basel/SBB, then Mulhouse and see if you can reach that TGV in Mlhse.