Need help for my Europe trip with Global Pass

  • 3 June 2023
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Hi guys,

This is my first time planning a trip in Europe. I am considering buying a Global Pass for 3 people (1 Youth, 2 Adult). Below is my planned schedule (pretty detailed, i guess):

  • 12/8: Frankfurt - Mannheim
  • 15/8: Mannheim - Frankfurt - Paris
  • 18/8: Paris - Zurich
  • 19/8: Zurich - Interlaken
  • 20/8: Interlaken - Brig
  • 21/8: Brig - Milan - Pisa
  • 22/8: Pisa - Rome
  • 24/8: Rome - Venice
  • 25/8: Venice - Munchen
  • 26/8: Munchen - Berlin
  • 28/8: Berlin - Stralsund
  • 31/8: Stralsund - Mannheim

According to this schedule, is 5-day pass appropriate? How I should use it? How many days does it take from the pass if I took train overnight?
For some long train, can I use ICE or other high-speed train for faster travel?
Especially, how is this pass in Switzerland? (Since I find tickets there are significantly expensive)
And can I use it on days travelling inside a city?

I am new to this. Hope I could receive help from you guys and this is clear enough.

Thanks in advance.


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You have 11 travel days so a 5-day pass will not be enough if you plan to use the pass for all travels.

You can check the price for single tickets on the shorter travels, but to get the best price for single tickets you need to book well in advance and you are normally then only allowed to travel with the exact train that your ticket is valid for. You loose the flexibility that you get with the combination of the Eurail pass and reservation free trains.