Night train - does it count as 1 or 2 travel days?

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Hi everyone,

I’m Simone from Italy and I’ll be an Interrailer within two weeks, I can’t wait to start my adventure but I still have an issue with the night trains. I bought a Flexi pass so I don’t want any charge or even worse to lose a travel day. I want to reach Copenhagen from Munich (Germany) on July 21st. I’ve found a one change route which begins at 16.55 in Munich, arrives in Hamburg at 23.33, after waiting 20 mins I’ll get on a train which departure is scheduled at 23.56 then, without getting off the train, I’ll be in Copenhagen at 6.55 the next day. Does this route count as two days or does it count as one day? Further, if it will be a one day, what happens if the train in Hamburg will depart after midnight?

Thank you all for the support,



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When you board a train before midnight, it's 1 travel day.

But 20 minutes in Hamburg, after travelling through Germany south to north, is tempting fate. You'd better take 1 or 2 hours extra. Also don't forget to book the mandatory reservation for Hamburg - Copenhagen. You can book it via DSB for only 30 DKK (~4€).

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 Further, if it will be a one day, what happens if the train in Hamburg will depart after midnight?


It is the scheduled departure time that counts so it will be one travel day even if the train is delayed. 

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But the point is here in DE (yes, I now sit using the free wifi of DB in a station-waiting till next) about all ICE are quite heavily delayed-up to well over 100 mins. The more later in the day and at the end of long routes. OF course there is the rule that in such a case MrQ has to go to DB/infostelle and probably get voucher for stay in HTL (or hoStel-as they also seem to do for very young unexprienced passusers) with high chance about all are full that late in Hamburg-plus the added nasty thing to then get a voucher to not use a new passday for trip onward next day.