Number of journeys per travel day, reservations required and possibility to have 9 passes on one device

  • 19 July 2022
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Good afternoon guys, 

I am trying to understand the Eurail Global Pass. (New to Europe). Hope you guys can help.

So it would be a family of 11 persons. 3 adults, 2 seniors, 4 youths, 1 child, 1 infant. ( I realized the child and infant are free). 

Travel Dates 27th December 2022- 14th January (thats the time we have allotted for going to the different cities).

Cities we have in mind( bare in mind we will be based in London so at of the week we will return to London): 

1st Week: Amsterdam, Brussels & Luxembourg then back to London 

2nd Week: Paris, Switzerland & Italy then back to London

My questions are:

  1. Travel Day; Can we use “one travel day” to Brussels and then lets say Antwerp on the same day as long as its before 11:59pm?
  2.  Seeing that it is 11 of us, do we have to reserve seats for any of those routes? 
  3. Is it possible to have all 9 passes on one device?

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@1.that is right-you can use as many trains ar can manage on 1 calenderday

@2.You MUST need RES seats at least on the EuroStar-tunnel train to UK-and this will cost a lot, and also for all FRench TGV and -if you want them-the related superfast trains Par-Ams. Plus that for such a group the normal way to RES is not possible (mostly max 5-and it seems such groups cannot even stand the sheer idea of not sitting close together all the time). Plus you realise its hi-seaon main travelt ime-plus that on 25/12 and 1/1 many trains are cancelled-main holidays. Plus that covid may hit again and make travel difficult. Youre also adding an awful lot to pay and trouble by wishing to come back to UK in between

Such groups are usually better helped with a knowledgeable travel-agent, but as I see from Bbds, there probably is not one on that island.