Outbound by night train

  • 7 September 2022
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hi guys

Can I use a night train on outband day?

It hasn t change during the run but it will  cross the border after 24:00

As I understand the night travel count as 1 day. Is the same rule apllied on outbound/inbound ?

Thanks in advance


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2 replies

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On a paper pass it will be straightforward, just enter it as one day and put in the outbound box.

On a mobile pass it should work but it would be advisable to check it by adding the train and testing to see if it activates just the one in/out check box. This needs to be done before the day of travel so it can be subsequently removed if it is causing an issue.


Normally the advice given here is to not activate passes before you are certain you are travelling (on the day) as it requires contacting interrail to remove an active day once midnight in that day is passed. But in this case testing the journey ahead is the best way to ensure you aren’t caught out unexpectedly.

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For INbound-for most end of trip, there is indeed a catch with the homeland portion if you also use overnite treni that come into homeland >0.00. There have been several posts about that