Problems booking reduced Pass

Dear Community,

We wanted to book a reduced two month pass, but “problems occurred” so we were unable to. Now the offer is gone and no response from the customer service. Does anyone have experience with how to deal with that? We want to book as soon as possible. Any experiences/tips on how to reach a human working for Interrail are appreciated!! 

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Same here!

I tried to reach out to a human support stuff but only recieved an answer which was unrelated to my question. Otherwise I had no responses from any support and the reply I gave to the first one. Now more and more days are gone and it seems ridiculous to ask for a promo ticket but still having no answer.

Now I tried to contact them directly and not via the chatbot on this website:

Hopefully that will work.


Hi Lazar,

We found this link:

maybe we will find a human there to contact!