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Hello, we are actually in a train from Frankfurt to Berlin, without reservation needed but the controller asked us a ticket with a QR code to scan it. But we thought that the QR code was only for train with reservation ! So we went on the rail planner but we didn’t find any QR code, and the controler start to ask us to pay 100€, until I checked a second time on the rail planner and we finally find the QR code who appeared few minutes after. 
It’s that a bug of interrail ? Or do we have to print all the tickets with the QR code even with trains without reservation ? 


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Your mobile Pass is your ticket and this Pass have a own QR Code and this Code is the proof you have a valid ticket.

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Yea but sometimes I have my QR code and sometimes it don’t work! I think it’s a bug but it’s really not practical because the controler has to wait, until my QR code decide to work ! 

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Hi Alizee, thanks for flagging. This is something we are aware of and working on to fix. It happens randomly but it goes away by itself quickly if you restart the app a couple times. You can explain that it takes a little bit of time, when this happens next time. The staff should remain calm and understanding. I trust this helps. Enjoy the rest of your trip! 

I have activated all our passes, added our trips.  If there is going to be glitches or if WiFi is not available would it be smart to take a screen shot of each ticket with QR code?

@Nanja when are you expecting a fix for this? The app is almost useless as it is now, QR barcodes only show up intermittently and it’s very frustrating to have to keep killing and restarting the app to try to get a QR to show. The whole point of paying for a Eurail pass and using an e-ticket is to avoid needing to go to the station every time you need a ticket. But with the poor reliability of the app, it’s almost not worth even using it. 

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Hi @SamV, this issue should have been fixed with the latest app updates. I am sorry to hear that that's not the case for you. Can you double check, if you have updated the App to 18.1.2 or higher? If you have, I would kindly like to ask you, to take the following steps, so that we can solve it for you:

  • Enable the error log in the app: go to "More" → "Settings" (in the top right corner) → "Enable error logging." 
  • This gives us permission to receive details of the actions that lead to the error so that we can better understand the nature of the problem.
  • Take the same steps that led you to experience the issue.
  • As soon as you have the QR code disappearing again, please click "Send + export." This will attach the error log to an email where you can type a brief summary of your issue and send it to us so that we can investigate it further.



@Nanja I have version 18.2.0 on an iPhone. I have sent multiple error logs to the application support email address but have not received a single response. I was just on a train and my tickets disappeared (again) after I’d used them 30 minutes previously at a train station. The app is basically unusable in its current state, I sincerely hope Eurail rolls out a fix very soon...

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Hi Sam, can you provide me with your email address via a private message? As you are currently travelling we will sure for a Customer Support agent to get in touch with you right away. Thanks!

Hi Sam 

For me the same problem. I can’t see any button ‘show my pass’ or any QR code. Even after restarting and updating.

This way I can’t travel. What to do?



Hi Sam 

For me the same problem. I can’t see any button ‘show my pass’ or any QR code. Even after restarting and updating.

This way I can’t travel. What to do?



@Roelien Bucket I’ve basically resorted to taking screenshots of every ticket whenever I can get them to show, as relying on the app when a conductor comes by is useless. All the conductors I’ve shown my screenshots to have accepted them so far...

Hi Sam, thanks for your reply. 

But you need to pass the automatic entrance systems with a qr code in Holland, so we can’t get through.


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Hi Roelien, the QR code should work with the Dutch gates regardless of whether it’s a screenshot or not. If it does not, then ask the NS staff around, they will be happy to help.

Are you able to produce the QR code though? Most of the time giving the app the time to load the pass details should work, just wait a couple of minutes before accessing the My Pass section of the app.

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Hi Roelien, the QR code of the Pass works to open the Dutch gates at the train station. 

Leo is right, most of the time when giving the app time to load you can see the QR code. If not, please contact our Customer Support team here as they can assist you further. 

@Roelien Bucket contacting customer support is a complete waste of time, as is exporting error logs. I’ve sent them 30+ error logs and have not received a single response from the development team. Go the QR snapshot route and hope they fix things in the future. 

Singe weeks We Text to get in tough with any  Customer Support, But nothing Happens. 
our QR code appeared one s and since two days it‘s Not There anymore. What Else could we try exept of updating or repeating to Start the App? 
thanks dir your hell 

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@rvdborgt Kannst Du bitte Rat geben?

And actually i ment , thanks for your help , if that wasn‘t  Clear just a tipping mistake 

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@Egger Eva 

  1. What is your app version? See More, scroll to the bottom. If it is lower than 24.1.0, then update.
  2. Turn off battery saving, data saving, airplane mode to see if that helps.
  3. Check the basics to run the app:
  4. Restart your app and try again.
  5. Restart your phone and try again.
  6. Reinstall the app and try again.
  7. Do you have an iPhone or Android? Which version of the operating system?
  8. If nothing helps, go to More > Settings, scroll to the bottom and enable error logging. That won't solve the problem but will help customer service.
  9. Do you have an active support request? You can check here:
    Click on "Sign in” (top right), the on "Get a password”. If you don't see any requests, then create a new one. Give them all details, screenshot(s) and mention when you will start to travel (or that you are currently travelling, if that is the case). It doesn't help to say it's urgent, they need a date, so they can properly prioritise. If there is an active request, then add any missing information.
  10. Also send your device ID to customer service:

Thank you very much for your answer, i allready tried to Turn off and on… nothing helps. Today we leave at 9.30.  The Problem is that the App is on my i Pad, because in the beginning i thought that i Could Use the App on phone and Pad. The Software version is 14.7.1. The App Version is 24.1.0. The error loggin is enabled. 
i wrote to the Customer service, so let‘s See offen er are Lucky…