Questions for Global Passes 30 Days

  • 19 May 2022
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  1. I ordered 4 global 30 days passes together. Can i activate them on separate dates? they all will be valid for 30 days after each activation right?
  2. Can I travel within my own country with the global pass? or Can I just make the inbound and outbound travel to other countries?
  3. If it requires a connection in my country of residence before making an outbound journey to another country, (for example if I am travelling from Gothenberg to Copenhagen, I have to travel through Malmo which is also in Sweden) Will it count it as a single outbound journey?

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5 replies

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  1. I suppose you mean 1-month passes. You can indeed activate them on separate dates and choose different start dates for each of them. They will be valid for one month from the start date. How many days that is, depends on the length of the month, e.g. 19 May until 18 June is 31 days.
  2. On 2 of your travel days, you can travel in your country of residence.
  3. On a travel day, you can use as many trains as you like, including in your country of residence. It will count as one inbound/outbound journey as long as these trains are on the same day.


Can use the two days in the global pass for any travel within my country? or is it necessary that those two days of travel within the country of residence should be either outbound or inbound?

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From the condition of use, article 5.2:

An Interrail Global Pass may only be used for two specific trips in the country of residence of the traveller (provided this country is an Interrail participating country). These two trips are referred to as the outbound and inbound journey.

  • The outbound journey can be used to travel from any location in the country of residence to the border or an airport or port.
  • The inbound journey can be used to travel from the border or an airport or port back to any location in the country of residence.

During these trips, the traveller may travel with more than one train, provided the trips are within the same day. Please note that the special rule for travel with an overnight train also applies.

So these journeys have to be from/to a border, airport or port.

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Very strictly speaking the AIRport thus has to be an airport which indeed has INTERNational flites-though a normal trainconductor will not know all about this. As SE has dozens of small airports with only a daily flite to STO or so (and Gretha will fume when she hears about this). And no BUS to flygplatsen will ever be included. To Arlanda you also have to pay the extra airport fee (just as BRUssel has).

But I can always check what's included in the pass through interrail app, right!