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  • 7 October 2021
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Hi! I write this text to share the problem I had with my journey through Finland and Sweden.

I bought an Interrail pass to go to Sweden from Finland and I had to take a ferry. It was mentioned on the pass that it wasn't needed to take a seat reservation or to pay an additional tariff for that ferry (on the app). When I got to the ferry, I had to pay the complete ticket, so I wrote to the Interrail support and they said that it wasn't included and that I couldn't get a refund.

Do you think it's right?


5 replies

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The Railplanner just show a connection :)

Almost all ferries need a booking or surcharge :/

Even the “Free” ferries from Italy  to Greece charge a port tax and fuel surcharge :/

On the Baltic Sea you only get a discount on the ferries :/ there is no “free” ferry in operation

Here you can check the Ferries that offer Discounts for Interrail and Eurail :)

It’s not true that the Railplanner just show a connection, as you can see from the screenshots, it says if you need a seat reservation or if there is a surcharge...

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@Davide  the Railplanner is not always correct

It shows for example even not the Surcharge for Eurocity/Railjet from Germany/Austria to Italy :) 

and the Railplanner shows even trains that are not covered by the Pass on most of them is written not in PassNetwork but not on all :)

and as said allmost all feries have to be paid :) (even the “Free” ferries charge a Fuel and Harbour Fee :) )

And Interrail provides all the Informations on their Pass Benefits section :)

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It´s quite hard for Eurail to keep all Informations on their Websites and Apps actual as usually they get no notice from the Companies :/ For example DB stopped silent all their IC Bus Services :) or in Poland some regional routes are taken over by new regional traincompanies that are not in the Passnetwork.

Eurail tries a app that covers entire Europe in my experience they are the only one. All others offer Route planning for just selected Countries. Sounds stupid but before useing a pass benefit like Ferries or for example the free Ships on Lake Brienz / Lake Thun i checked the websites or asked the operating Companies

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As far as I can see, a discount would not apply to this departure: