Refund is for pass or order ?

I will travel with my family, two adults and a 2-year-old child.

I initially ordered two interrail global passes, one for me and one for my wife, as my child travels for free.

But then, as I started to make group reservations, I realise I could not include my daughter because she had no pass. As many users, I was not aware that I had to associate a child pass with an adult pass to make a group reservation because your website is not clear and even counterintuitive (my daughter is 2 and the child pass is named “Child (4-11)”). It’s a shame, you should definitely clarify this !

I found out in the FAQ that I had to ask a (85%) refund for my adult pass and order a new pass for myself and my child, which I did. My questions are the following :

  • The initial order was for 2 passes, one for me and one for my wife : I asked to refund my pass only and would like to be sure the pass for my wife will not be cancelled (I only needed to replace one of the two passes to solve the problem of the child pass).
  • I would like to make sure that I will get the money (85%) back on my bank account and not a credit note because I already bought a new adult+child pass. I could not wait for the refund because I had to plan my trip and make group reservations asap.

The reason why I ask is that I did not get any email or notification on my account after I asked the refund. I know it might take a few business days but I worry a bit … how to make sure my request has been processed ?



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You shouldn't ask for a refund, but make an exchange of passes, which costs 15 EUR instead of 15%.

When making an exchange of passes,  you first buy the new adult pass, with the free children's pass. Then you send the pass number of the old adult pass and the new adult pass to Customer Support, according to the instructions for an exchange of passes. You will then get a refund of the price of the old adult pass less 15 EUR.


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You need to contact Customer Support to check that your request has been correctly handled. You can use the link below.