Reservation costs for outbound inbound tickets - parcours d’approche

  • 31 August 2021
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I live in France and in order to get out of the country to the border I got a “parcours de rapprochement” I didn’t have to pay any reservation fees on either the outbound or inbound tickets on fast trains requiring reservations, however today I enquired about tickets out the country and the SNCF team insisted that I needed to pay reservation fees on my initial oubound journey of 20€ (from Montpellier to Paris) then 10€ (from Paris to Stuttgart) could anyone confirm if I am. Correct and what their experiences were ( specifically in France)




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This rule is special for France as it´s only for French Railpassuser :) in my experience only 1 train out and one train in you could reserve for free means either the train to Paris or from Paris to Stuttgart

SNCF change their rules and ways to react daily :/