Residency: Live in UK as student with pre-settled status, but German citizen

  • 14 July 2022
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Hi guys! 
I’m a German citizen, but have lived in the UK for four years as a university student. Can I get a global pass with the UK as my home country? I don’t have a British ID card or license, but I have pre-settled status in the UK, and am registered at the university in London. I also of course have an address in the UK, as well as bank accounts etc. I am planning to take a train from London to Germany, and would ideally like to travel more within Germany 

Thank you in advance,



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Mann kann ja hier bis ende aug fuer nur 9€/monat rundreisen-BusTram auch noch dabei. Bloss ein wenig langsamer und proppevoll.

An sich wird es nur-wenn überhaupt- Probleme geben wenn mal eine Schaffner, pardon KiN/Zugbegleiter-oder vielleicht schon eine der ganz wenige Prüfungs´teams´ vorbei kommt und alles überpünktlich als wie im Gesetz nachgehen will. Du bist ja selber DE-ich nicht-und wisst als wissenschaftlich geschulter dann bestimmt was mann an Papierkram dabei haben soll um jener klar zu machen das dein Wohnsitz doch ganz klar im Ausland ist. Ja, ich weiss das mann dort im UK nicht mit Ausweise wie hier tut-die meiste Schaffner doch eher nicht.

Bei meiner letzter Pass- 10T in 2 Mon-Frühjahr-ist kein einziges Mal nach ID gefragt worden- in 10 Länder verreist damit.

Achtung:! €* hoffnungslos vollgebucht die kommende Wochen-besser mal früh planen wenn mann doch umwelt bewusst verreisen will


I am in the exact same situation, except I am a Belgium citizen, who lives in the UK. Did you end up finding a away to get proof of residency?


I am in the exact same situation, except I am a Belgium citizen, who lives in the UK. Did you end up finding a away to get proof of residency?

No, I did not. I also asked the interrail support about this, but they haven’t gotten back to me, even after 3+ weeks of waiting.. 

Hi Jonas,

Thank you for your quick response :)


This seems to be a common problem as I also found this thread 



What are you planning to do if you don’t get a response? 

I’m considering just hoping for the best and when they ask for a proof of residence, show a letter from my university and my EU settlement scheme pre-settled status. 

That’s a risky bet, from what I’ve heard pre-settled status isn't sufficient, and a university letter definitely isn't enough. I had to cancel the trip and book flights since there are no trains available to leave London (which was only shown after I bought the tickets, another issue with interrail) 

Oh wow sorry about that.

When were you planning to take the train? Maybe I should just go back to Belgium first and then just start interrailing from there then

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Hello! The following documents are considered sufficient proof of residence in the UK: TIER 1,2,3,4 visa / Ancestry visa / Certificate of Right of Abode / BRD Biometric Residence Permit - hope that helps :) 

Hi, very helpful thread this, thank you!

I’m in a similar position except a pre-settled Swede in the UK trying to figure out what documentation to bring for proof of residence. 

Claudi: thank you for providing the list! Still not entirely clear on what a “Certificate of Right of Abode” is. If one looks it up on the government website ( there is a section about the EU Settlement Scheme on the same page. Could that mean a proof of settled status IS in fact a type of Certificate of Right of Abode?

Jonas: Sorry to hear about your trouble, where have you heard that pre-settled status isn't sufficient?

Thank you!