Returning my paper pass to change to Mobile passes to book seat reservations for next week travel

  • 29 April 2022
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Hi, I was wondering if i can return my paper passes (purchased prior to covid) to change to Mobile passes for my upcoming travel. I would like to book my reservations now as it seems seats/times are running out. Please help. Travelling to Europe next week. I have emailed Eurail support my paper passes and waiting for a response so they can confirm it can be returned. And if confirmed i can repurchase Mobile tickets and wait for a refund for my paper passes. 


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2 replies

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I'm not sure what the possibilities still are for a pass bought prior to COVID.

Customer support should be able to answer that but they are currently flooded with requests and struggle to keep up even with urgent requests (i.e. problems of people who are currently travelling), so I doubt if they will respond in time.

The paper pass will have expired so you'll have to buy a new pass anyway. The refund of the paper pass can be handled later (if that is still possible); you can provide customer support with the order number of your new pass, so they can see you have purchased a new pass.

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This might be useful for other travelers with the same question: We offered all travelers with an unused pass due to Covid-19 an exceptional refund/exchange from March to December 2021. The last deadline for requesting a refund/exchange for old passes expired on January 31st. That being said, all travelers with old passes are still welcome to contact our customer service team via email well in advance of their date of travel so that we can find a suitable solution.