Seat Reservations and Pass activation in Switzerland

  • 16 March 2023
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Reading thru this section of Q/A I believe I cannot book seat reservations via the Eurail site, without FIRST activating my pass.  Some have said to book reservations directly on the specific train site, but when I tried to do that for, it didn’t give me a section to show my 1st class Eurail pass, so it wanted to change me a huge price for the seats.  So I went back to the Eurail site to activate my passes, since I am 99.9% certain of my first day of train travel.  The Eurail site wouldn’t let me activate it online...with the message that I can only activate an online pass at the time of purchase OR in person at a train station.   

Am I understanding this correctly??   Thank you in advance


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You don't need an active pass to make reservations on the Eurail website. 

What type of pass do you have and what route do you want to make a reservation for?

For train in Switzerland, apart from the panoramic cars on some scenic trains, reservations are unnecessary. 

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There is no need to activate your pass to book reservations. Not even if you book reservations on the Eurail website.

Additionally, there's no need to book reservations in Switzerland, certainly not in first class. It's wasted money, really, except for a few special panoramic express trains.