Several entries and exits from his country of origin

  • 14 February 2022
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Hello,I want to leave for 3 weekends of 4 days, then I want to leave for 20 days. My first weekend begins in April and my 20-day stay at the end of June.What pass do you recommend?I had thought of the full 3 month pass, is there a more economical option?Moreover, since I will make several trips I will therefore enter and leave my country of France several times. Am I entitled to it? Because I believe that normally you have to go back and leave your country in one trip.Thank you for your answers

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You have just one trip to leave France and one to Enter France included for all trips in France (your Homecountry) above these two trips you have to pay.
Maybe you can use for the extra journey´s in france a cheap Bus to leave the France and use your pass then from their or get a cheap advance fare for the trains.

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It all depends on where you live in that big country. Close to a border it should be not much of a prob, but if that is f.e. near Bordeaux or Montpellier, it will add up. You could also of course fly (with the eternal wrath of lady Gretha from Sweden). But then again: SNCF is always on strike somewhere, so bus (FLix or BlaBla) may be more dependable.

It all depends on how many really long trips and in which countries you want to make, there are also passes with traveldays: you can use them like f.e. 10 or 15 days in 2 month period. But for all: ONLY 1 trip OUT and IN inside FR!