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We are two families going on an interrail this summer. The rules of inbound trip raising uncertainty among us. We'd like someone to enlighten us. There are two questions below that we would like to have answers.

Family one is living in Oulu, Finland
Family two is living normally in Helsinki, Finland, but during the summer time in Finnish Lapland, Muonio, Finland.

We start the trip from Haparanda, Sweden and travel around Sweden and Denmark for about ten days. From Copenhagen, Denmark we fly to Helsinki, Finland on 11th of july.

Is the family one allowed to do the inboud trip from Helsinki, Finland to Oulu, Finland on 14th of july with the interrail card that we have (global, 5 trips in a month)?
Is the family two allowed to do the indound trip from Helsinki, Finland to Kolari, Finland (near Muonio) on 14th of july with the interrail card that we have (global, 5 trips in a month)?


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If I understand you correctly you will start using your Interrail passes in Haparanda, thus not using the outbound journey. You will then use 4 travel days to go from Haparanda to Copenhagen. You will then fly from Copenhagen back to Helsinki where you will stay for some days before you travel back to your home towns using the inbound journey.

That should be perfectly fine as long as all travels are made within one month.

Thank you @AnnaB!

It seems like this is a possibility for us then. One thing that is causing confusion is that in some answers and instructions it’s said that the inbound journey is within your own country and in some that it is to your home town. However, if i have understood right I only need to inform my home country to the pass, not my home town. Therefore i’m able and allowed to head the inbound trip to anywhere in my home country, right?

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Yes, and the OUT/INbound point can also be air-or seaport.

Tervetolua,suomenlainen-as I myself was in FI and used VR for a short daytrip, please enlighten us when you have the experience: I asked to be sure and was told a passholder does not need to have REServation for seat. BUT as you know all local VR tickets come with seat-reserv, it means one is never sure of the seat. For just HEL-Tampere (after Dickursby) that is non stop, so all clear, but going to Rovaniemi or Kajaani is another thing with many stops. REServ only is certainly not possible on machine or via website, I wonder if it still can be done via counter for such long trips-by paying for it?