Ticket and diary seperate or glue it together?

Hello, i bought the interrail in a ticket station.

I got 2 Papers One Diary and one ticket where i have to write the dates. On the dairy it says “attach” ticket here. What  does it mean? Can i just have this two sepeare documents or do i have to glue it on?


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The ticket and the cover are both required to be a valid Interrail pass.

Normally they are stapled together.


yeah, but they did not stapled together… what should i do now?

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Genau-so isses. Was it DB or some private Büro? But perhaps it has to do with 2 covers-I assume you have pass for very long time, more as 1 month (I do too-from the sale, for 3 month-same thing, but it was stapled to cover-in fact official rules even tell it has to be done!

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They are intended to be attached and it is possible you could encounter a particularly officious ticket examiner who would take issue with them being separate,

In that situation I would just staple it myself, as they need to be presented together and it will just draw attention for yours to look non-standard.


This is what they typically look like, 1 or 2 staples on the extreme left of the pass with the ticket attached above the travel diary section so it can be folded up together without creasing the ticket.



It was DB. A 4 Day Global pass for next week

But i got also a Cover with two foils. So i thought first this is normal  ( one foil the pass and the diary on the other)