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  • 15 October 2021
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I am a travel agent and working with a 3rd party travel vendor from whom my clients booked pre-pandemic. Now that we are rebooking their trip, the 3rd party is telling me that the clients have a pass purchased through them, but they can no longer make reservations for the client. Is it possible for me to book their reservations on their behalf? I see in the tutorials that once you have added a pass to your account, you cannot change it to another device. I am very worried because I added the pass to my phone in an attempt to book their reservations. The only part of the pass that will show up is for their minor daughter. As I was trying to trouble shoot, I found the information that the pass cannot be added to another device. The 3rd party travel vendor is no help. This is my first experience with booking rail in this manner. Please help.


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You can only move a mobile pass to another phone with the help of Interrail/Eurail support.

Additionally, booking reservations through the app or Eurail/Interrail website is often mote expensive because they add an extra charge.

If you say what trains you want to book, then people can suggest other ways to book reservations for those trains.

@rvdborgt Thank you for your response. What is the best way to get help from interrail/Eurail support? I have emailed their customer service over a week ago and still no response. I have posted on their Facebook page and have read every tutorial.

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I believe the best (I believe) is to submit a request here:

Do mention if it becomes urgent. If it becomes really urgent, ping @Nanja, but she's only available during office hours.

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rvdborgt is right, we can un-register it for you, so that you can add it to the correct device. Can you provide me with the email address you've used to contact Customer Support - via private message? Then we get it sorted for you. Cheers,