What does trip mean? - planning last minute possible?

  • 22 August 2021
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Hello Guyys,

So you can better understand my problem, a few Informations about my trip in advance:

 I have a global mobile pass for 7 days in a month and I want to visit multiple cities. But sadly I have a problem with understanding how to create a trip with the mobile pass in the railplaner app. I don´t quite understand whether I already have to decide in advance (before I activate the pass) which trains at which times I want to use. Or if I can still spontaneously decide this while I´m on my trip. For example I decide in the middle of the travel while staying in Rome that I would like to take the train on Day XY around Time XY to Bologne. Is such thing possible or am I not able to change anything about the trip meaning that I have to know exactly at which day and time I want to travel for my 7 days before activating the Pass.

Thank you for your help. I am a bit lost here.




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You can always decide even last minute which trains you take or not :)

Please note if you add a journey to your pass for example Berlin -Prague for the actual day it can be deleted anymore :) so when planing and looking be sure it´s for the correct date :) Journey´s in the future can always be deleted if you change your plans :)

Bestway in my experience is to add a journey last minute to your pass so that you doesn´t waste a day when something goes wrong :)