Why do my DB tickets not have a barcode/QR code on it?

  • 24 March 2023
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Hi guys, I was organising all my tickets/seat reservations (I am a Eurail Global Pass holder), and noticed I have 3 reservations from DB don't have any barcode/QR code on it. They don’t seem to be the tickets, I only have booking receipts attached to the emails of my booking. In the My Tickets section of the DB Navigator App, there aren’t any where showing any code either apart from the booking reference number. So my question is, how would my tickets be scanned at the train station or on the train by the operators? Thank you :)



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3 replies

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A seat reservation on it’s own is not a ticket.

Your pass is your ticket and it would be the pass you need to show when requested.

In general on railways/countries without compulsory reservations it is only the ticket that will be of interest to inspectors. The reservation is only to hold the seat for your use and only if there is a dispute over a seat would the reservation ticket be checked.

Some railways are much more electronic than others, some will always scan codes, some will not be able to and want to read the text part instead. Some reservations will have barcodes, others not.

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Thank you so much for your answer, it helped a lot  :) @Al_G 

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That is a normal seat reservation from DB. Your seats are 61 and 62 in coach 28, 1st class.