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  • 24 October 2021
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Hi everyone, my name is Elies Buchheister and I accidentally chose a wrong travel day. I had no clue that I was choosing the first travel day when I was creating my trip.  

I accidentally choose October 23 as my first day traveling but my First day travelling will be tomorrow on October 25. I haven't booked any train for October 23  and now I have 4 travel days left in my app.

Please I need help because I need all travel days! I already tried contacting someone from Interrail but it says that they will try to get back to me within 7 days!

I don’t have 7 days!! My booking number is IN30326752


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3 replies

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You can fill this form

and wait for a answer of the Eurail Staff @Nanja  @Leo 

Thank you, I hope they answer as soon as possible 

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Hi Elies, I've flagged it and they just got back to your message. Hopefully in time to catch your train today. Have a great trip ahead! :relaxed: