Wrong trip in the rail planner app

  • 15 March 2023
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I have bought an Interrail ticket and now I must connect a trip with the Ticket. But I linked the Ticket with the wrong trip on the website. The Trip is not in the available in the app.

Can I delete the trip, create a new trip in the App and connect the ticket with the new Trip in the App?


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There is no link between the website and the app so once you have loaded the pass into the app it will create a new trip specific to that pass for you to add all the trains you plan to travel on. You can rename the trip, but there is only one trip per pass. Of course you can add and delete trains at will in the trip so if you add one in error or change your mind just remove it from your trip and add a different one.
You cannot add trains in the website and export them to the pass in the app. In other words the website is a dumb device, just a scratchpad.