Tutorial - How to setup your mobile Pass

  • 22 June 2022
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Having some trouble setting up your mobile pass? Or just curious to learn how it works? Have a look at this tutorial 👉🏻 


How to setup your mobile Pass | Eurail.com - YouTube


It will show more information on how to:

  • Adding a Pass
  • Connecting a Trip
  • Activating/deactivating your Pass
  • Boarding the train
  • Showing your ticket


Our mobile Pass is a paperless ticket that can be added instantly to your phone. With everything on one app from planning your trip to boarding the train, you're free to explore 33 European countries with ease and enjoy more freedom than ever before.

Everything on one app: plan your journey, keep track of your trips and show mobile tickets straight from your device with a mobile Pass on the Rail Planner app. No need to wait for delivery – you can load your mobile Pass into the app as soon as you get your order confirmation email.

Your mobile Pass makes ticket inspection easier than ever. Instead of filling in your paper travel diary, simply add journeys from the app’s planner to your mobile Pass before you board, then show your mobile ticket to the inspector in just a few taps.

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