A beginner in making a trip

  • 11 April 2022
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I do have a global pass.

I’m trying to figure out how to add the cheapest (no reservation) and also the more scenic trips, but I think it’s pretty hard. And Yes, I used the option “no seat reservations required”.

For example, my trip from Perpignan to Barcelona:

>>> When I try to book the trip, I do only get the options with reservations, no other options (even when option “no seat reservations required” selected).
Some travel agency gave me the suggestion to travel via “Port Bou” and then it works.
> how can I know this kind of things. The app does not help me with alternative routes.
(I cannot search for a travel agency every time a book a trip)
> How do other people do this?
> when I use “via” Port Bou in the app, I do not get any results ?? so, you have to know this extra stop and then make a trip: Perpignan - Port Bou and a separate trip Port-Bou - Barcelona.

>>> I found out that this is a cheaper, but also a much more scenic route. 
> How can I know which route is more scenic? The app does not help me with this.

Thank you!



2 replies

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Since Spanish railways don't share their complete timetable with the rest of the world (they've only shared some high speeds trains), the app is very incomplete for Spain. Rail Europe has more timetables but still only long distance and although the RENFE website contains all information, the regional and suburban trains are quite hidden and RENFE apparently does not have a single timetable planner that contains everything.

The complete timetable Barcelona - Portbou/Cerbère can be found here. From Portbou or Cerbère, you can use other planners. Better than the rail planner app is the DB planner, which you can force to show regional trains only, which is the category that doesn't need reservations in France. You can also enter up to 2 via points.

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Thank you for your reply !!

It seems that every country has it’s own ‘problems’ when it comes to traintravelling, for me it feels not like traveling relaxed, but diving in all kinds of planners / railway companies  etc.
It doesn’t give me a free travel feeling. I’m traveling to get away from being online all the time.. 

How do other people do this: to find out best and beautiful routes without diving in deeply into all the train business … I’m really interested!