All the Sleepers! - on one Map

  • 18 September 2023
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I often use the ÖBB map of sleeper services - which covers their own trains and some Euronight services, but notably misses SNCF and Trenitalia.

I was searching online for a more comprehensive map, and found this - an interactive map of all the sleepers in Europe, including details on frequency, timing, operator. It’s a great piece of work.

I’m sure it will be a useful resource. Apologies if already posted somewhere.


4 replies

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Great find! This is a super useful resource for travellers. Thanks for sharing! 

The map you provided is great, but it still misses some trains (for example, Polish Karkonosze and Uznam trains).
I haven't yet found a complete map that includes all (also seasonal) night trains, but pretty good are these two: Map by Jug Cerović from and Map by Juri Maier from

This is helpful, thank you!

Wow thank you for this! Really useful and looks super nice as well.